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HISTORY Channel Mini-Documentary on Women in Magic - 2018

Adelaide Herrmann Homage

Cornucopia - Highlights


Adelaide Herrmann Homage

Cornucopia - Reviews Reel


Live TV Appearance:


Click here to see the video  of my interview on Adelaide Herrmann (plus one magic trick!)

Global TV, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - October 29, 2013

Unfortunately, Global TV has removed this link

Margaret's original version of Slydini's Paper Balls in the Box - A 25-year work-in-progress. An informal performance for friends at The Magic Loft in Peekskill, New York  in 2022

WNYC Radio - The Takeaway

"Why Aren't There More Female Magicians?"  

Click to hear Margaret's appearance on WNYC's The Takeaway - plus bonus video of Margaret performing a trick

Broadcast February 20, 2020

SHEZAM! - Feminist Magic Podcast

Interview with Carisa Hendrix

Margaret Steele on Adelaide Herrmann and a dark tale of a show gone wrong

Broadcast May 20, 2020

Click to Listen

SHEZAM! - Feminist Magic Podcast

Interview with Kayla Drescher

Margaret Steele on Historical Research Issues

Broadcast August 1, 2022

Click to Listen


Interview on Adelaide Herrmann

with Bruce Kalver from the

Society of American Magicians

Broadcast September 20, 2020

Click to Listen

Margaret Steele & Arnie Kolodner

BTV - Beijing China


Margaret as Professor Pineblossom

The Magical School for Wizards

2013 China Tour


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