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Adelaide Herrmann Lecture

Adelaide Herrmann (1853-1932) was the first great female magician. My lecture accompanies my book, Adelaide Herrmann, Queen of Magic - Memoirs, Published Writings and Collected Ephemera, and contains many beautiful images from some of the world's greatest magic collections. As part of my presentation,  I also perform some of Madame Herrmann'ss classic illusions. For much more information in Madame, please visit my Adelaide Herrmann website.


Adelaide Herrmann Lecture Venues Include:

*The New-York Historical Society

* The Los Angeles Conference on Magic History

*The Magic Circle, London

* New England Magic Collectors Association, Boston, MA

* Time-Warner Gallery, Lynn, MA

* The Field Library, Peekskill, NY

* The Magic Loft, Peekskill, NY

* The VanCortlandtville Historical Society, Cortlandt, NY

* Alderney Gate Library, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

* Peekskill Museum, Peekskill, NY

* Society of American Magicians, Assembly 35, Poughkeepskie, NY



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